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  • Where Will Taulbee Go Today?
SKU: 9781645384939

Where Will Taulbee Go Today?


Where Will Taulbee Go Today?

Written by Bobbi Cornett

Illustrated by Amy Kleinhans


Children's Fiction | Adventure | Family | Humor

Paperback ISBN: 9781645384939

Hardcover ISBN: 9781645384922



As the Taulbee series continues to grow, she is still a pure delight. This curious toddler, who always seems to be getting into something, is now onto her next chaotic adventure. You never know where she will go, who she will meet, what she’ll get into, or what her momma’s overactive imagination will dream up next… Let’s see, where will Taulbee go today?



Bobbi Cornett is a small-town author and the creator of the Taulbee series (“What Will Taulbee Get Into Today?” and “Where Will Taulbee Go Today?”). Bobbi recently donated her books to the labor and delivery unit at her local hospital, allowing every newborn to go home with a signed copy. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, and spending time with her family. Another book Bobbi will be releasing in summer 2022 is “Be Different at Bigfoot Lake.” She wants current and future readers of her stories to believe in the connections we share, embrace being different, and find joy in the journey. She hopes that each book brings lots of snuggle time memories and plenty of bedtime laughter.

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