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Types of Publishing Contracts


Our standard contracts share costs of book production between author and publisher. These contracts are sometimes called "hybrid" contracts in the publishing industry. Costs include illustration and cover design, editing, interior formatting, and various other publishing expenses bundled into the contract. These contracts help authors who are not able to get interest from traditional publishers or who are looking for greater control over their work, including higher royalties from author-driven sales. 


With a traditional contract through Orange Hat Publishing or Ten16 Press, the publishing house assumes all production costs and fees associated with developing the manuscript and maintaining its retail availability. The author receives a smaller royalty per book sold. Our traditional contracts generally go to works that we expect can sell 5,000 copies within 18 months. Authors with works of exceptional quality, established platforms to promote their books, and previously successful books are the best candidates for our few traditional contracts. 

Self-Publishing Services

With our standard and traditional contracts, a variety of services are bundled together. We also offer these services on a piecemeal basis for authors interested in self-publishing. Self-Publishing is a great option for authors who want to stay in the driver's seat of their publication journey and reap all of the immediate benefits of selling their own work. Self-publishing is also great for authors whose works are for a limited audience (like a work published for family-only).  

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