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Shannon Ishizaki

Idea Machine | Awkward Silence Breaker (Awkwardly)

Jeremy Haberer

"Data is my jam." *strums guitar*

Lauren Blue

Grammar Ninja | Office DJ

Kaeley Dunteman

Visual Storyteller | Fantasy Fanatic

Jenna Zerbel

Editor & Submissions Manager

Oxford Comma Advocate | Pop Culture Enthusiast

Jayden Shambeau

Gamer Gal | Coffee Connoisseur

Jenna Bruemmer

Publishing Assistant & Editor

The Investigator | Self-Appointed Vibe Curator

Ashton Smith

"Don't worry. I'll just Photoshop it."

The Dream Team

Orange Hat Publishing is a family-owned-and-operated Independent Publisher proudly based in downtown Waukesha comprised of editors, designers, artists, and bookworms with a passion for creating exceptional books. Founded in 2011, OHP publishes children’s books that captivate, entertain, educate, and challenge the status quo. Ten16 Press was established in 2020 to spotlight compelling stories of fiction, nonfiction, YA, and poetry written by authors who boldly own their authentic voice.

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