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  • The Timebound Twins
  • The Timebound Twins
SKU: 9781645385219

The Timebound Twins


The Timebound Twins

by Savannah Whitemarsh-Hoffmann


Middle-Grade Fiction

Fantasy | Adventure | Family


ISBN PB: 9781645385219

ISBN HC: 9781645385226



There is one rule in the Nearwoods a novice in training should never break: Never go in search of your timebound twin. But eleven-year-old Iris and her five fellow novices will have to break this most sacred rule in order to restore what was lost to them or lose the only world they’ve ever known.


Iris makes the hard choice to save her friends and a mentor who is more like a mother to her than her own. Iris travels back in time to locate the first twin. The destination: 1985, Milwaukee. The world beyond the Nearwoods is nothing Iris expects, nor is the quirky eleven-year-old girl she meets there. She definitely wasn’t prepared for this quest to turn into a rescue mission. Iris finds herself in a race against time to save a twin she was never supposed to meet in order to preserve a world that would keep them apart.



A Wisconsin native, Savannah Whitemarsh-Hoffmann graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a degree in psychology, and went on to complete degrees in school and clinical psychology. She lives in West Salem with her husband, Mathias; her dog, Rosie Jane; the garden fairies; and the occasional stray cat. When she’s not working with patients, she is reading, writing, making memories with her six younger siblings and sixteen nieces and nephews, or walking in a nearby woods.

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