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  • Tiki Tholley Reads Her Reflection
  • Tiki Tholley Reads Her Reflection

Tiki Tholley Reads Her Reflection


Tiki Tholley Reads Her Reflection

Written by E. Ballay

Illustrated by Elena Hager


ISBN PB: 9781645387268

ISBN HC: 9781645387268


Children's Picture Book

Empowerment - Self-love - SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

36 pages





Something inside her began to
change. Like a chameleon climbing
a mango tree, she felt herself
changing while feeling more uplifted.

Full of vivid imagery and imagination, Tiki’s story offers a glimpse into the world of a young immigrant grappling with her self-image in a new world. Meanwhile, it provides an opening to critical discussions around self-esteem, negative self-talk, and simply being different in a way that’s ripe for young readers and listeners.





E. Ballay, founder of PositLive, writes on mental and emotional well-being, among other well-being topics. She’s a graduate from the University of Northern Iowa and Columbia University, Teachers College.

As an immigrant to the United States from Sierra Leone at the age of seven, she wishes she had a story like Tiki Tholley Reads Her Reflection when she was growing up. The words from Tiki and her classmates’ reflections are things she would like to go back in time to say to her younger self. Through Tiki’s story, Ballay hopes that every child who feels out of place, as she did, can learn to celebrate the things that make them different.

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