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My Sisu Summer


*** THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! Release date: July 30, 2024. The books will ship to you on or a couple days before the release date. Thank you for your order!***


My Sisu Summer

by Lorna Kerin Beall


ISBN PB: 9781645386933

ISBN HC: 9781645387527



Coming of Age - Self-love - Family - Perseverance

204 pages





Being raised by her Finnish mumu in South Dakota, Anni always dreamed of living with her mama in their oma koti (own home). Mama comes from Chicago to visit with two surprises—a new husband and news that they’re headed to Washington State to buy a farm.
Anni’s dream is coming true! But the terrible truth is… they are going without her. Through  an adventure involving too little food and far too much danger, Anni learns that sisu (courage) is all she needs to land the home and family of her dreams.





Lorna Kerin Beall began her writing career by publishing inspirational articles and short stories about the amazing children she taught who had developmental and intellectual disabilities. She co-authored a short screenplay that won first place in the children’s category at two international film festivals.


My Sisu Summer is her first published children’s book. It is loosely based on her own experience being raised by her Finnish grandmother. She is passionate about her writing, her family, and her faith. 

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