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  • Mrs. Popish's Pickles

Mrs. Popish's Pickles


Mrs. Popish's Pickles

Written by Tiffany Haifley

Illustrated by Rachel Oldfield


ISBN PB: 9781645387343

ISBN HC: 9781645387336


Children's Picture Book

Humor - Silly - Family

32 pages





Do you love pickles? Mr. Popish sure does! But when he “helps” by planting too many cucumbers, he and his wife must figure out a way to get the cukes washed in time to be pickled properly. But how will they wash them? Just what will they do? They must think of something before the day’s through! Will they get them washed in time? You’ll have to read to find out! 


Based on the real-life Mrs. Popish, this story honors how she would prepare her cucumbers every year!





Tiffany Haifley is an introvert-in-denial who loves coffee, mowing the lawn (hey, don’t roll your eyes—it’s instant gratification!), outdoor meals, and, most of all, the people she gets to share them with. When she’s not writing, Tiffany works as a respiratory therapist where she’s grateful to blend her passion for science with her love of people. She lives in the stunningly beautiful high desert of Western Colorado with her husband and her two pretty cool, almost adult kids.


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