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Jacq has Celiac


*** THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! Release date: June 4, 2024. The books will ship to you on or a couple days before the release date. Thank you for your order!***


Jacq has Celiac

by Jennifer Ritter

Illustrated by Shahab Shamshirsaz


ISBN PB: 9781645386858
ISBN HC: 9781645387749


Children's Picture Book

Food Allergy Awareness - Inclusion Advocacy - Educational




Jacq has Celiac is a children’s story about a young girl who has celiac disease and feels excluded in the school lunch setting. She cannot eat the same as her friends and feels alone, especially while socializing during lunchtime with her friends. With her parents' support, Jacq comes up with a solution to help all her friends, including those on other restrictive food diets, feel connected while having lunch together at school.


It is a sweet story about empowerment, unity, and friendship. The illustrations are captivating in creativity, vibrant colors, and relatability. They will put a smile on your face as you feel drawn to follow Jacq along her gluten free journey at school.





Mrs. Ritter’s three own daughters suffer from severe allergies, Hashimoto’s disease, and celiac disease. Mrs. Ritter, herself, is gluten intolerant. As an adult, she has felt excluded due to her gluten-free dietary needs and can relate to Jacq. As a teacher, Mrs. Ritter wants to help children feel empowered to stand up for themselves and instill change when they feel excluded. After all, everyone’s the same, just in different ways.


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