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  • Cutie Q, Where Are You?
  • Cutie Q, Where Are You?
SKU: 9.99

Cutie Q, Where Are You?


Cutie Q, Where Are You?

Written by Jennifer McCumber Sepanski

Illustrated by Maggie Carroll


ISBN PB: 9781645387275
ISBN HC: 9781645387152


Children's Picture Book

Imagination - Pretend - Family

32 pages





The house was awfully quiet, so Mama wondered out loud,
“Cutie Q, where are you?” 

Mama looked and looked. She looked
up, she looked down. She looked all around,

but Cutie was nowhere to be found… 


Cutie Q has a bright imagination that takes her on all kinds of adventures, but sometimes Mama worries. She looks and looks, but Cutie is off in some magical place exploring the world.
Whether visiting fairy-tale castles or exploring the farthest reaches of the solar system, Cutie Q is always close to Mama’s heart. This hide-and-seek story of a mother and her sweet daughter is filled with fanciful rhymes and alliteration that will captivate little minds and hearts alike. 




Jennifer Sepanski lives with her family and two rambunctious pups near the shores of Lake Michigan in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. She has been writing stories since she learned to hold a pencil, which led her to pursue degrees in literature, education, and literacy. When she isn’t busy reading with her book club or writing in her notebook, she can be found in nature, taking photographs. Her children’s books have been inspired by the hilarious antics of her children, and their boundless curiosity and creativity. As a doctoral candidate and teacher, she understands the importance of language development and reading, so Jennifer encourages families to immerse their children in a literacy-rich environment.

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