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  • Why Not Stretch? A Roadmap to Overcome Barriers Leading to College
SKU: 9781645382256

Why Not Stretch? A Roadmap to Overcome Barriers Leading to College


Why Not Stretch? A Roadmap to Overcome Barriers Leading to College

by Theresa Smith



Young Adult Nonfiction - Workbook - Personal Finance - Education

122 pages

ISBN: 9781645382256



Currently you may be parked on "I have it all together" lane or "I really don't have a clue" road. Maybe you're even on "I'm just going with the flow—doing the process, but not A PART of the process" boulevard. No matter where you are, this atypical workbook is designed to change the way you navigate the college-going process and put you on the road to a lifetime of success! Not only is it a GPS for college, Why Not Stretch? provides the directions to eventually live a life on cruise control.


Meet 2002 Theresa: a high school senior, with less than average grades, who decided later than most of her friends that she wanted to go to college. While she could have been met with excitement and encouragement from her guidance counselor, she was discouraged from pursuing her dreams. So, with little to no guidance, Theresa committed to completing her goal. Yes! She graduated college, but she earned more than just a degree—she earned hard lessons on life and lots of unnecessary debt!


Fast-forward to 2021 Theresa: the doctoral candidate obtaining advanced degrees at little to no cost, assistant director of financial aid, and YOUR personal guide on this roadmap to overcoming barriers leading to college. 


Take the journey, detouring through failures and cruising through triumphs, constructing your path using prompts, taking reflection stops at real life experiences and planning your route using tools. Answer the hard questions and avoid the detours as Theresa guides you through the college-going process.



Theresa Smith is a doctoral candidate, assistant director of financial aid, and believer in you. She has been affectionately deemed "everyone's financial aid advisor" and sometimes the "financial aid guru." She ultimately wants to make sure that the self-knowledgeable, self-directed, and self-empowered students make financially-wise college decisions.

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