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  • Spirit Son
SKU: 9781645381556

Spirit Son


Spirit Son: A Mother's Journey to Reconnect with Her Son After His Death From Heroin Overdose

a novel by Robin Monson-Dupuis



Memoir - Self-Help - Substance Abuse & Addiction - Grief

234 pages

ISBN: 9781645381556



When Robin Monson-Dupuis, psychotherapist and substance abuse counselor, loses her son to a heroin overdose after an eight-year journey trying to help him stay alive, it shatters everything in her world. She finds her beliefs tested: her role as a mother, her faith, her marriage, and her purpose in this world.


Spirit Son: A Mother’s Journey to Reconnect with Her Son After His Death From Heroin Overdose is a courageous memoir detailing one mother’s story of surviving her unimaginable pain, beginning to heal, and even growing after her traumatic loss. This raw account of losing a child to the opioid epidemic and struggling to find peace offers honest analysis and reflections as well as a profound message of hope: that the everlasting bond between us and our loved ones can be embraced, even deepened, despite their physical death.



Robin Monson-Dupuis, LCSW, SAC, RYT, has been a psychotherapist and substance abuse counselor for over 30 years. She has been a leader in her workplaces, her church, and her community. She continues to travel on a journey of healing, often not knowing where that will take her, but trying to trust the process. Spirit Son is her first book.



“Monson-Dupuis shows us how the power of grief and the willingness to be vulnerable combine to transform even the most devastating loss into a new kind of spiritual strength, direction, and purpose.”
- Laura Riggle, PhD, Clinical Psychologist


“Monson-Dupuis reminds us that it is not just the person with an addiction who is afflicted, but also their families who go through so much pain and suffering and require equal attention in the healing process.”
- Lance Longo, MD, Psychiatrist in Addiction Medicine at The Dewey Center

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