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  • Gremlin Night
SKU: 9781645385516

Gremlin Night


Gremlin Night

Written by Mark Dantzler

Illustrated by Maja Veselinovic


Genres: Children's Picture Book | Imagination | Family | Social Issues: Poverty


Paperback9781645385516 | $14.99

Hardcover9781645385547 | $19.99




When a giant gremlin shows up on his front lawn one afternoon, a young boy is excited to keep it as a pet! Gremlin Night shares the magical adventures of the boy as he explores a make-believe world with his strange new friend. This gremlin has a secret, with clues for the reader to discover! Beautifully illustrated, this whimsical tale poignantly addresses poverty through the innocent eyes of a child. With tenderness, the gremlin’s true identity is finally revealed. Gremlin Night is a story based on the author’s childhood.




Mark Dantzler is the creator of the best-selling series, The Grate Adventure of Lester Zester and Lester Zester is Lost! His books for children have earned multiple international literary awards. Look for his humorous picture book, Mr. Fox Sells Pockets.

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