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  • Vote For Turtle
SKU: 9781645385424

Vote For Turtle


Vote for Turtle

Written by Jana Locke

Illustrated by Summer Morrison



Educational - Community - Environmental - Animals

Paperback ISBN: 9781645385424

Hardcover ISBN: 9781645385431




When turtle-loving Ella learns about state symbols, she knows right away that one is missing. “We need a state reptile!” she announces to her class. Ella and her class journey through the civic process of creating a new state law, learning a whole lot about turtles along the way. Based on true stories of elementary students initiating state symbols, Vote for Turtle shows how kids can engage in democracy and make a difference. With additional activities for learning and exploration, this story is the perfect companion to elementary school social studies curricula.




Jana Locke is passionate about public service, and she has worked in government for over twenty years, including time as a presidential management fellow. Bitten by the political bug early in life, Jana is excited to share the power of civic participation with kids. Her parents showed her how persistent and persuasive individuals can make an impact in the world, and she hopes this story passes that lesson on. Jana lives with her husband, two children, two cats and a dog in Denver. Oh, and she loves turtles!

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