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  • Turtle on the Track
SKU: 9781645383635

Turtle on the Track

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Turtle on the Track

by Karen Condit


Children’s Picture Book – Mindfulness – Patience – Emotional Wellness

Word Count 480

Perfect for Ages 4-8 | Reading Level (RL 2.7)

PB ISBN: 9781645383635

HC ISBN: 9781645383895




“Must get going, going, going!”


There’s no time to dillydally in Scurryville until it’s Oscar’s day to ride the train. When a turtle wanders the track in front of the Scurryville Express, everyone on board is forced to slow down. The restless, impatient passengers can’t help but blow off a little steam. Can Oscar help them slow down and enjoy the ride? Only time will tell!


Facts about turtles, coloring pages, and fun ways to practice slowing down in your day are included. And be sure to take your time—there’s a turtle hiding on every page!




Karen Condit wrote Turtle on the Track after watching a turtle cross the railroad tracks along the Mississippi River. After twenty-five years of teaching children to read and love books, Karen picked up her pen to write stories that would help children, and those who read to them, grow a more intentional way of living.  With six grandchildren, slowing down isn’t always easy, but a good book, morning walks, and paying attention to whatever may cross her tracks helps slow the pace. Visit Karen at, where she connects everyday life encounters to books both children and adults will love.

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