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  • The Mouse and the Inbetween
SKU: 9781645385622

The Mouse and the Inbetween


The Mouse and the Inbetween

Written by Chet Celenza

Illustrated by Adeline Celenza


Exploring | Nature | Rhyming| Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

ISBN PB: 9781645385622
ISBN HC: 9781645385660




"A mouse one day with eyes a gleam,

Tried to find the 'Inbetween.'

He looked about and saw it not.

Still curious, some help he sought."


A small mouse suddenly had a burning question to which he needed an answer. "Where can I find the 'Inbetween'?"


Little did he know his question would lead him to a place so vast, and yet, so simple. A place inside him that connected him to everything!




Chet Celenza is a fella who tries to do important things for children. He's been a teacher for twenty-three years, a professional arborist and musician for forty years, and enjoys being a folk-dance teacher and amateur woodworker. He loves writing and telling stories that awaken us all to the need to connect with each other.



Adeline Celenza, daughter of Chet Celenza, is a Chicago-based artist whose focus is painting. She creates original visual art in addition to her commissions. Adeline received her BFA from Montana State University in 2017.

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