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The Home Front

A novel by DW Hanneken

Romance Fiction - Historical - WWII


406 pages

ISBN: 978-1-64538-127-3




Set in rural Wisconsin during 1944-1945, this story centers around Maggie Wentworth, a wife, mother and farmer who struggles to keep her life in balance after her physically abusive husband enlists in the Army and is shipped to Europe during WWII. On one hand, she’s happy he left. On the other, she has to deal with the challenges of an aging father, a young son, and the temptation of an attractive German POW who is harvesting apples on her farm.




DW Hanneken has been telling stories for most of his 25+ year career. However, most of those stories were commonly shared in thirty-second increments, as he wrote countless award-winning television commercials in the ad business. In DW's debut novel The Home Front, he gets to paint on a larger canvas which allows for deep character development, picturesque rural landscapes, and up-tempo dialogue that propels the story forward-sometimes with a laugh, sometimes with tear, but always in a true and honest fashion.


The Home Front

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