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  • The Grasshopper and the Butterfly
SKU: 9781645382997

The Grasshopper and the Butterfly

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The Grasshopper and the Butterfly

by Joe Swartz

Illustrated by Ansley McLeod


Science  - Nature

For Ages 5-10

ISBN: 9781645382997




The Grasshopper and the Butterfly is a story of unlikely insect friends going through big changes. This tale provides educational insight about two examples of metamorphosis, and it shows that true friends are there for each other through all of life’s stages!



Joe Swartz previously taught fifth grade science and math in Texas. He now lives in Wisconsin, where he works in technology and lives with his wife, daughter, Pitbull-rescue named Natasha, and ten chickens. Joe wrote the original version of this story for his first class of fifth grade students at Berry Elementary School. The birth of his daughter motivated him to pick the book back up and move forward with getting it published.

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