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  • Superhero Kid in Training
SKU: 9781943331710

Superhero Kid in Training


Superhero Kid in Training

by Kate Dickinson

Illustrated by Jayden Ellsworth


Children's | Family

PB ISBN: 9781943331710

HC ISBN: 9781943331727


Finn is about to begin his summer adventures, and his Dad takes him to get a new big boy bike to replace the one he has come to love. Finn must face his fear of learning to ride a new bike. This new bike is huge and, scariest of all, has no training wheels.


About the Author

After years of watching children wrestle with complex emotions as they battle sickness, author Kate Dickinson's noble work as a nurse comes to life in her books, transforming that which frightens us into that which strengthens us. Imagination and creativity prevail in these heartwarming stories meant to instill hope, courage, and love.

Outside of book authorship, Kate has spent time writing for agents in the fashion industry and local news outlets. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, she hopes to bring her Midwest hospitality and openness to all of her projects.


About the Illustrator

Jayden Ellsworth has always been mostly known for her passion for art, and in Superhero Kid in Training she brings out an amazing display. Her profession started when she wrote and illustrated her own book, Chocolate, and from then on, she has worked with many fellow authors. Jayden uses whatever she can get her hands on to express her creativity, using canvas, a sketch pad, or her iPad, which was how she created her drawings for Superhero Kid in Training. She often looks forward to working on her projects, and enjoys and understands the priority of representing the author's vision throughout her illustrations in the book.

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