Rock On, Kindness! Even When Your Heart Hurts

Written by Stepheni Curran

Illustrated by Samantha Paine



36 pages

ISBN: 9781645382409

For ages: 0-12



Rock On, Kindness! Even When Your Heart Hurts! is the second children’s book in the Rock On, Kindness! series. This story is about a nine-year-old boy named Ty who wants to do something special for his grandpa’s birthday, as his grandpa has recently passed away. In the story, Ty takes the reader on an adventure by painting kindness rocks for four of his friends in celebration of his grandpa’s birthday. These four friends include Luke, Stacey, Zane, and Lily. Ty has chosen to paint kindness rocks for these friends as each friend is experiencing a personal challenge, such as moving to a new city, giving a class presentation while having a fear of public speaking, dealing with the deployment of a parent, and having a parent who is battling cancer. Ty teaches the reader about the importance of kindness, compassion for others, friendship, expressing emotions, positive coping strategies, diversity, and inclusion. This story takes difficult topics and embeds them into an engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking read for children ages 6 through 12, with opportunities for personal discussions along the way!


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Rock On, Kindness! Even When Your Heart Hurts! [paperback]

SKU: 9781645382409