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  • Parker's Pumpkin

Parker's Pumpkin


Parker's Pumpkin

by Jean Huxtable-Hamersky & Jack Hamersky

Illustrated by Jeanna Krause


PB ISBN: 9781645387237

HC ISBN: 9781645387220



When Parker and Grandma plant a big seed, it grows much faster than they expected! As the vine begins to take over the house, they have to make some creative decisions that lead to humorous outcomes and a community event.


Parker’s Pumpkin depicts the special bond between a grandma and grandson who enjoy a shared interest, and readers will learn all about the joys and challenges of gardening.




Jean Hamersky has always loved being outside in the natural world, growing plants, gardening, hiking, and exploring. This story is based partly on a gardening adventure that she had with her nine-year-old grandson, Parker. Jean was born and raised in Nebraska, graduated from University of Nebraska–Lincoln, and spent forty-five years working as a speech-language pathologist with preschoolers. She is retired now and has lived and adventured in Upper Michigan and Wisconsin (in the Great Lakes area) for the past thirty-five years.


Jack Hamersky grew up in Northeast Wisconsin, where he learned the joy of observing the changes of nature and the seasons. Outdoor activities were commonplace in his childhood, whether it was fishing, maple syruping, or gardening. As a child, planting a seed always filled him with the excitement of what could be. He now lives in Alabama and hopes to pass down his love for gardening and the outdoors to his children.

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