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  • Olive Takes to the Sea
  • Olive Takes to the Sea

Olive Takes to the Sea


Olive Takes to the Sea

By Erin Berge

Illustrated by Katie Gamb


PB ISBN: 9781645387169

HC ISBN: 9781645387213



Olive is an adventurous young girl who wants to row a boat at sea—all on her own. As she seeks new land, determined to be independent, Olive also learns a valuable lesson about friendship. An empowering book for 4- to 8-year-olds, Olive Takes to the Sea encourages young girls to believe in themselves and reinforces the importance of friendship.  



Erin Berge is a digital editor for a science magazine, who loves to paint and write creatively in her free time. She has lived in Rome, Seattle—on a sailboat—and currently resides in Milwaukee with her partner in crime, Sam Neufeld, and their dog Pippin. Erin loves coffee, travel, and live music, and draws her creative inspiration from her own life experiences.

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