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  • Of Mud and Honey

Of Mud and Honey


Of Mud and Honey

by Roxana Trabulsi

Historical Fiction


Hardcover, ISBN: 9781645384557

300 pages



As the reign of imperialism gives way to Communist control in Aden, Yemen, a young Parsi family finds themselves trapped as political prisoners. Their strength, love, and faith are pushed to the limits overnight as they take on the fight of their lives.


November 1967. Dara and Silloo Baruchas’ serene life is interrupted when the British occupation announces its swift exit from the country. Things take a violent turn when they are targeted by members of the revolution: the family business is seized, Dara is whisked away as a political prisoner, and Silloo is put under house arrest with her three young children and mother-in-law. As the couple embarks on their separate harrowing journeys, in the hopes of being reunited, they are bombarded by challenges. The looming question: Will they make it out alive? 



Based on a true story, Of Mud and Honey captures the ugliness of a country torn apart by the fight for independence while exemplifying the beauty of good deeds and the bounty that hope can bestow. 




 Roxana Motiwalla Trabulsi is the author of Of Mud and Honey. Born in London, United Kingdom, but raised in Dubai, Roxana now lives outside of Boston in Massachusetts, where she works as a freelance writer and graphic designer. A graduate of Northeastern University, she spent the first few years out of school working for a local audio company in purchasing and marketing. She and her husband moved to Tokyo soon after they were married and have lived there twice in the last twenty years. She currently sits on the board of the local farmer’s market where she has not only contributed to creating a sustainable community but has also brought new and diverse programs, such as a self-sustaining seed library, to her town. Ultimately, she revels most in her role as mum to her three children. She loves all things farmers market, travel, yoga, art and design, and of course, reading. She lives with her husband, her teenage son, and their three-year-old cockapoo.  

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