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  • Numbers Game

Numbers Game


Numbers Game

by J.P. Jordan


Hardcover with dust jacket

Fiction - Thriller - Mystery 

ISBN: 9781645384649

350 Pages



At a fundraiser in his honor, Senator Anthony Hecht is invited to a private room by a seductive, young auburn-haired beauty. Minutes later, the politician dies of an apparent heart attack, but when police quickly arrive at the scene, they find that the man’s forehead has been marked with the number seven. And his female friend has disappeared.

Detectives Chuck Nowitzke and Anissa Taylor are assigned to investigate the high-profile death,
and their inquiry leads them to several obscure cases from years prior involving men who died in similar manners. Each with a number on their body, but with no official determination that any of them were murdered. Puzzled by the circumstances and driven to find a link between the deaths, the detectives must also solve a decades-old missing persons case in what appears to be a growing cover-up by a possible serial killer.



J.P. Jordan is a retired insurance management professional who completed a 37-year career working primarily for two nationally recognized Wisconsin-based niche companies. Currently residing in Sister Bay, Wisconsin, with his wife, Nancy, his creative focus is now on writing mystery fiction novels. Jordan invites you to visit him at

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