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  • Life on Ice
SKU: 9781645383826

Life on Ice


Life on Ice

Written by Jon Valentino

Illustrated by Amy Kleinhans



Children’s Picture Book

Perfect for Ages 5-10

PB ISBN: 9781645383826

HC ISBN: 9781645383833



Young Cody awakes one morning in his family’s northwoods cabin, ready to engage in something he has never done before: ice fishing! Not knowing what to expect, he eagerly puts on his gear and joins his dad on a winter adventure out onto the ice-covered lake. The entire process amazes Cody as he dreams of rod benders and reeling in one giant fish after another. However, events do not exactly play out the way Cody thought they would. 


While this story is about a boy who goes ice fishing with his dad, its intention is to deliver a valuable life lesson surrounding the idea of what we can and what we cannot control.  Parents and teachers of younger children will enjoy reading this to their sons, daughters, and students, knowing they are addressing our youth on a social and emotional level.



Jon Valentino is a middle school teacher who enjoys fishing, writing, playing golf, cooking, and spending time with his family and friends. He lives with his two boys and his wife in northern Illinois. Life on Ice is Jon’s first published children’s story.

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