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  • A Perfect Victim

A Perfect Victim


A Perfect Victim

by Robert W. Christian



Fiction - Murder Mystery - Thriller

362 pages




She sees through his eyes. His eyes are set on her.


As the months following her prison release roll by on a remote Wyoming farm, Maureen has begun to believe that she may have escaped her deal with the FBI. The peace, however, is short-lived. The Bureau has found her and calls her in to help solve the mystery of a pair of bodies that have turned up in the Rocky Mountains, eviscerated in the cruelest manner. To make matters worse, her new partner would like nothing more than to see her removed from the case. But when another body turns up, the two must set aside their differences in order to track down the killer. What follows is a game of cat-and-mouse leading to a chilling implication: His perfect victim just might be Maureen herself.



Robert W. Christian, author of The Demon Sight Series, grew up an only child, living inside his own imagination. An aspirational scientist with the mind of an artist, he began writing novels later in life. His love for true crime stories and the macabre, fascination with history and humanity, and belief in the possibility of the paranormal led him to write and publish his first novel, Unholy Shepherd. Robert continues to write and live in Wisconsin with his wife, son, and dog. Follow Robert W. Christian on Facebook and Twitter: @mysteryofrobc

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