What We Do

Orange Hat is all about the dreamers who live to make the world a little brighter. We're all about the doers and go-getters: those with big ideas and captivating stories with a heart for impact. In order to help amplify the voices of emerging authors, we work diligently to provide services that aim to help authors hold their own in a saturated market.



Maintaining your authentic voice is SO important to us, and our editors are committed to offering valuable critical feedback while staying true to your voice & vision during the editing process.


Art, Design, & Branding

From cover design to illustrations to individual author brand development, our creative team is dedicated to producing materials that capture audiences' attentions and accurately portray the theme, tone, and vision of your book. We also love working one on one with authors to develop their individual brand so they can work towards becoming easily recognizable and known in various marketing spaces!


Final Production

To give you the best book possible, we offer a wide variety of hardcover and paperback options along with ebook and audiobook capabilities. Oh, and you're probably wondering about distribution, right? We've got you covered! All Orange Hat books are distributed through Ingram, a global printer and distributor.

Our Contracts

Traditional Contracts

Traditional contracts are typically offered to works of nonfiction with a focus on mental health advocacy, social justice, healing after trauma and other social, environmental, or global issues. These are books written from a posture of compassion and a desire to challenge the way things are. They aim to be sources of hope, understanding, and unity. They aim to inspire positive growth while instilling a deeper love and understanding for the diverse experiences that exist in our world.

Please note: we currently have the capacity to take on, at max, 4-5 traditional contracts per year.


* Although our traditional contracts typically go to nonfiction works, that doesn't mean exceptional works in other genres can't receive a traditional contract. Depending on the themes explored, niche, quality, existing author platform, and zeitgeist appeal of your work, you may have a shot at being offered a traditional contract!

Hybrid Contracts

For books written by emerging authors of any genre that display exceptional quality but do not directly speak to Orange Hat's main mission, we may offer a hybrid contract that requires author-subsidization of production services including editing, cover design, illustration, interior layout design, and individual brand development. These contracts are typically offered to children's books, works of fiction, narrative nonfiction, anthologies, etc.


Regardless of the contract offered, we work to make every author feel like a valued member of the Orange Hat family and do everything we can to help you achieve your goals in publishing. 

What People Are Saying


Working with Orange Hat has taught me what it’s like to work with a publisher who truly cares about their authors. For me, this was amazing because I was able to have input on my cover design, my title, work with amazing editors and graphic designers, and have a final product that is my pride and joy. Shannon and the team have a passion for publishing books that make a difference, and for helping writers become published authors. They are top-notch! - Christy Wopat, Author of Almost a Mother

Talley_generic banner.jpg

Shannon and the Orange Hat team are AMAZING! I had a dream and a vision for my book, but I didn’t know how to make it a reality. They took my vision and made it a reality. I would encourage any author looking to do a book to reach out to Orange Hat. I'm thinking about doing a second book, and working with them again isn't even a question. Proud to be a part of the Orange Hat family! - Terrence Lee Talley, author of Secrets Anonymous: Our Story


Genuine, honest, fun, and hardworking founder and staff who want to see authors succeed and put their time and efforts into helping it happen! Patient with those unfamiliar with various aspects of publishing and actively involved in the community! - Jess Woller, author of Miraculous Debut 


Orange Hat publishing is full of top notch people that treat you like family from the moment you enter their office. They are always pushing for ways to make your experience better and care about people above profit. I fully recommend them for any of your publishing needs. - Gavin Zastrow, author of A Marshland of His Own

BEYOND WORDS!! I never dreamed it would look and feel like this! This is among the most heady, surreal times of my life.  You are a wonderful, top flight professional publisher. I am blessed to have earned your representation. - Rob Riley, Lovey Award winning author (2012) of Portrait of Murder, Dead Last, and The Do-Over

Having never published a book before, I was lost when it came to what to do first or next or at all, but Shannon’s patience, knowledge, professionalism, and encouragement made me feel secure. She was a pleasure to work with all along the way, and I am so very happy with the results. I am proud to have my book associated with Orange Hat Publishing and pleased to recommend Shannon and her staff to any author who wants to feel the joy of seeing a dream come true. Many, many thanks to the incredible Orange Hat Publishing staff! - Laurel Bragstad, Midwest Book Award winning author (2015) of In the Comfort of Shadows


Literally publishing superheroes! A wonderful publisher that makes you feel like family, and they are compiling a wonderful portfolio of talented writers in their publications. From when I first came into contact with their staff, they laid out each step with clarity and uncompromising attention to detail. I could not have been happier and cannot recommend them enough!

- Sean Malone, Author of Spring City Terror

Joan Kurtis.JPG

Orange Hat Publishing nurtured my book project from start to finish. Shannon and her staff, including Lauren and Denise, guided me through the process with talent, professionalism, and kindness. Excellent service and skill from this group. Can't wait to do it again. - Joan Parsons Kuraitis, Author of Simpatico