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  • Wild Dreams
SKU: 9781645380610

Wild Dreams


Wild Dreams

a novel by Maureen D. Mack



Women's Fiction - New Adult - Romance

256 pages

ISBN: 9781645380610



Deidre Moran is an extraordinary woman in both looks and lifestyle. She’s intelligent. She’s an entrepreneur, a partner in a fledging Chicago dance company. She has impeccable fashion sense and is the daughter of a wealthy hotel owner in Cork, Ireland.


She’s also lonely. Broken.


Headstrong, independent, and unhealed after years of unaddressed emotional wounds, Deidre finds herself caught in the allure of new love, the sting of deception, and the increasing need to set herself free from her tragic, dark past.



Maureen D. Mack is the author of Finding Center: Strategies to Build Strong Girls and Women and The Women of Madeline Island. Her published essay, A Better Ending, earned a Pushcart Prize nomination. Maureen is a professor emerita at The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin but considers Madeline Island in the Apostle Islands as her spiritual home. Wild Dreams is her first novel.

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