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  • Who is Driving Your Bus?
  • Who is Driving Your Bus?

Who is Driving Your Bus?


Who is Driving Your Bus?


Written by Shannon Sonnenberg

Illustrated by Birdie Rook


ISBN PB: 9781645386841
ISBN HC: 9781645387657


Children's Picture Book

ESL - Self-control - Empowerment



In this fast-paced and relatable story, Niko imagines that his emotions are like passengers getting on and off a bus all day. As he takes on his new role as a bus attendant and starts to seat passengers, chaos ensues when he doesn't stop and think about who he lets drive the bus.


While kids are drawn to the fun illustrations and humorous story, parents and teachers also love the social-emotional skills embedded into the plot. By teaching kids that it's okay to experience and feel all of their emotions throughout the day, but that they need to be in control of who is driving their bus, they are empowered to use self-regulation skills and to manage their own emotions in healthy ways.




SHANNON SONNENBERG has a master of arts and is a special education teacher for students whom she adores. She lives in Wisconsin with the people and pets she loves most in the universe: her husband, son, Corgi, and their rescue cats. She writes to help understand the world around her.
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