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  • Walking by the Homeless
SKU: 9781948365833

Walking by the Homeless


Walking by the Homeless

a novel by Laura E. Sandretti



Religion - Christianity - Social Issues

122 pages

ISBN: 9781948365833



How many times have you walked by a homeless person? Or read about someone hurting or in need and felt conflicted? How often have you spoken to a stranger more nicely than your husband? How often have you looked in the mirror and not liked the person looking back at you?


Walking By the Homeless is a book about ordinary life intersecting with awareness. It is about one suburban woman’s journey from ignoring the homeless to identifying with them by becoming mindful of gaps in her beliefs, actions and relationships in her heart and home. This is a story about doing something in Jesus’ name in our cities, country clubs, kitchens and the crevices of our souls. Walking By the Homeless is not a glamourous or romantic journey, but it will challenge you to think and help you live and love with less regret.



Laura Sandretti is a speaker, author and blogger. She serves on the board of Hope Street Ministry in Milwaukee, WI, and is a contributor to Just Between Us magazine. You can find out more about Laura and read her blog at


A portion of every book sold will be donated to Hope Street Ministry:

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