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  • Waiting for Red
SKU: 9781645380672

Waiting for Red


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Waiting for Red

by K.L. Schoberg




58 pages

ISBN: 9781645380672



Have you ever wanted...


To explore the world beneath a banyan tree?

To be kissed in a cherry-blossom snowstorm?

To waltz with a red-winged blackbird?


Join the enchanting Scarlet Knight in her adventures beyond the portal doors. In this interconnected story, Scarlet waits day and night to find the color Red. She was not prepared for the obstacles along the way.


Waiting for Red is a poetic journey by K.L. Schoberg that you won't soon forget!



K.L. Schoberg is a poet, escapist, and author of two poetry books: In Search of the Color Yellow and Waiting for Red. She is a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Expository Writing. She has several published works including two poems and a humorous short story featured in Wagonbridge Publishing's Lost and Found anthology. An organizer with the La Crosse Area Writer's Group, Schoberg hosts a monthly poetry critique group.

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