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  • Untied Knots
SKU: 9781645380399

Untied Knots


Untied Knots

by Sven Waldemar Swenson



Poetry - Photography - Nature

58 pages

ISBN: 9781645380399



My great-grandfather Sven W. Swenson was born in 1886 in Sweden. He met and married my great-grandmother Agnèta. They soon left Sweden and made Wisconsin their home, and in 1913, they had my grandfather Lloyd. Sven always had a passion for art and the outdoors. He loved being outside,capturing God’s gifts on film.Sven taught my grandfather how to hunt and fish. The Great Depression came along,and money was sparse, so hunting and fishing was food on the table. Sven often went out with his son to capture his life in time. While time stood still with the photos, his mind did not. Sven made it his life’s mission to capture nature’s glory in the purest form. Sven really wanted to publish his photos and poems, but due to the economy, he was unable to do so. I am the great-granddaughter of Sven and have been blessed to find a legacy that had been captured so long ago.All of this has been tucked away amongst passages of time and life of what was. Now everyone can enjoy the raw and emotional images and photos and see the beauty through his eyes of what the Lord has provided.

-Arlys Swenson, Great-granddaughter

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