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  • Under in the Mud
SKU: 9781645381938

Under in the Mud


Under in the Mud - Paperback

Written by Laureanna Raymond-Duvernell

Illustrated by Mara C. Williams


Children's | Nature | Educational | Bestsellers

26 Pages

For ages: 0-8

PB ISBN: 9781645381938

HC ISBN: 9781645381921


About Under in the Mud

“Where do animals go in the winter?” many often wonder: it is a natural curiosity about the cycle of nature right outside our doors. Under in the Mud introduces ten different animals and how they survive winter’s cold temperatures. With rhyming verses, readers of all ages can find actions that mirror their own seasonal habits. Based on the folksong “Over in the Meadow,” this book lends itself to equal parts reading, counting, and singing while discovering the lives of animals often unseen during half of the year.


Mara C. Williams uses unique vantage points to bring the winter habits of the animals to life in stunning watercolor and ink illustrations, and Laureanna Raymond-Duvernell’s lyrical text with predictive reading patterns make this an excellent read-aloud for both classrooms and bedtime.


Back matter is included to foster additional curiosity about the amazing ways that nature adapts to cold climates. A perfect addition to a winter reading collection!


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