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  • (Un)expecting
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by Kylee Frederick



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page count: 110

ISBN: 9781645384724



Do you know what you’re doing, having a baby?

Really. Do you? Because I didn’t.


I had no idea that my life would be so irrevocably different. Despite the outpourings of advice (wanted and otherwise), I found myself lost. Constantly surrounded, yet completely alone. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, until I knew it. I didn’t know what to expect— and learned that there should be no expectation. 


The journey into motherhood is life-changing, in every regard. For me, it was (and continues to be) the most simultaneously underwhelming and overwhelming thing that I have ever experienced. It is raw. It is challenging. It is tumultuous. It is beautiful. 


What started as cathartic journaling for me, has turned into a love letter, to you. 


I see you. I get it. Take me on your journey with you, and remember that you’re never alone. Remember that you are enough.




Kylee Frederick is a creative, authentic old soul who believes in finding beauty in the chaos and using her gifts to serve and empower others. (Un)expecting is her first book, the first of many tools she hopes to offer to mamas who were/are (or aren’t) struggling as much as she did. Before dedicating her life to her tiny human, Kylee received an undergraduate degree in Addictions Counseling and Psychology and then ended up working in Early Childhood and Health & Wellness instead. She lives in the "Mitten" (Michigan) with her husband and son, and she loves every moment that life offers. Any of her free time is spent writing, crafting, baking, making music, watching BBC shows and action movies, or being outside in this beautiful world that God created. Kylee would like to thank you for joining her on this journey to better love and serve one another.

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