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  • Twin Time
SKU: 9781645384175

Twin Time



Twin Time

Written by Katherine Picarde

Illustrated by Khalima Murzina


Children's Book

Ages 4-10

Family | Creativity | Behavior

ISBN: 9781645384175





When the twins exchange that sly, telepathic smirk, it means only one thing: Twin Time. Under the watchful eyes of their older siblings, Katherine and Christopher are cooking up belly-laughing pranks against Nick and Lauren! With a trip to the candy store on the line and strict orders from their parents to behave, the twins must learn to use their double brainpower for good instead of goof.




Katherine Picarde grew up in the Greater Boston area alongside her twin brother, Christopher; siblings, Lauren and Nicholas; and two wonderful parents. Kat’s childhood antics with Christopher developed into the fun-loving memories that are portrayed in Twin Time, her second book. She enjoys creating stories with narratives that are not often seen, as she did with her first popular book, The Little Ouch. As an elementary school teacher, Kat experiences first-hand how common families with multiples are in today’s world. She hopes that twins, triplets, and their families can relate to the exceptional bond and playful dynamic woven into her picture book.

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