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  • Today is a New Day. Tomorrow is Too!
SKU: 9781645382454

Today is a New Day. Tomorrow is Too!


Today is a New Day Tomorrow is Too!

by Geri A. Condon



Self-Help - Inspirational - Journal

162 pages

ISBN: 9781645382454



Geri A. Condon has always enjoyed inspiring people with hope for a better day. This book began as inspirations she collected for herself and then became weekly emails of in- spirations to friends. While she has collected quotes from others, she also compiled statements she has shared with her clients in her mental health counseling practice.


It is Geri’s belief that we can all benefit from a positive mindset. In this book, you will find weekly quotes and her vision on how you can live a positive life. She chal- lenges you to contemplate how to implement these in- spirations in your own life through journaling, drawing, pictures, and letters.



Geri is married, a mother of three grown children, and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She owns Capture Your Path Counseling. To find out more about her practice, visit her website at

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