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  • The Wordsmith
SKU: 9781645385578

The Wordsmith


The Wordsmith

by David Malone


Middle Grade Fiction

Fantasy - Action - Adventure


ISBN PB: 9781645385578
ISBN HC: 9781645385561



Twelve-year-old Evie sine Wittington craves adventure… as long as it is safely contained between the covers of one of her fairy tales. But when Evie unwittingly discovers that nearby Babeltown’s Wordsmith has been kidnapped by the mythical Wordragon, she is thrust into an adventure of her own. Armed with the Wordsmith’s magic dictionary, Evie and Babeltown’s apprentice baker, Myles von Wicker, depart on an adventure across the Great Kingdom to rescue the crotchety old coot. Evie quickly realizes real life is not a fairy tale. She cannot hide from danger by closing a book. She cannot rescue the Wordsmith by skipping ahead. A happy ending is not guaranteed. Evie must face and conquer any dangers that confront her (like, say, a sentient forest and a curious gatehouse guarding an upside-down mountain), lest the Wordsmith remain imprisoned forever.


Oh, and the Wordragon? He continues to grow larger and fouler with every word he consumes.




David Malone is a writer and editor who lives in Arlington Heights, Illinois with his wife and son. When not writing about himself in the third person, David enjoys sports, losing himself in any available means of storytelling, and, of course, writing. The Wordsmith is his first novel.

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