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  • The Tender Silver Stars

The Tender Silver Stars


The Tender Silver Stars

A novel by Pamela Stockwell


Paperback ISBN: 9781645387381


Women's Fiction | Historical Fiction | Friendship



In 1972, change is sweeping the world, but it isn’t coming fast enough to South Carolina. Not for Triss, anyway. She has always wanted to become an attorney, but her influential grandfather who raised her won’t hear of it. She attempts to go it on her own—until she commits an impetuous act that threatens to derail her life. Everlove, the daughter of a working-class family, is not looking for change, but it finds her anyway. She has always followed the rules—until one day she doesn’t and blows up the life she has always known. The women meet, become friends, and help each other find new paths forward. Can the two women build new lives from the ones they shattered?



Pamela Stockwell was born in Texas and raised in South Carolina. In between, she lived in the Philippines and, along with her big sister, became fluent in Tagalog name-calling. She abandoned her foreign language studies at age five but went on to earn a BA in journalism from the University of South Carolina. She lives with her husband and three children on a small farm in New Jersey. She is a member of the Princeton Writers Group and Women's Fiction Writers Association. Her first novel, A Boundless Place, won the 2020 LBW Page 100 Writing Competition, and her poetry has appeared in Sparked Literary Magazine and Hope: An Anthology of Hopeful Stories and Poetry by TL;DR Press.

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