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  • The One Gift
SKU: 9781645382652

The One Gift


The One Gift

Written by Patti Jorgensen

Illustrated by Jayden Ellsworth


Children's | Christian | Christmas

32 pages

ISBN: 9781645380900

For ages: 0-8



Grace, one of Santa’s elves, had long been a friend to Kadance, accompanying Santa each year to the home of her young friend. This Christmas, though, the relationship would change. Kadance had changed—too much, too soon—through events she had borne. Grace, having been summoned to the offi ce of Santa, would learn why, when, and how the change would happen. There were tears. There was fear. And a promise that all could be made new. Memories are woven with plans for the future to create an endearing story in which the reader learns that Santa, himself, is a Believer in Christ the King.


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