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  • The Legend of L'Esprit
SKU: 9781645382966

The Legend of L'Esprit


The Legend of L'Esprit

Book #1 in the Dance Legacy Series

by Doris Greenberg and Pandré Shandley



Young Adult Fiction 

264 pages

ISBN: 978-1-64538-296-6



"She deserves to die" are the chilling words whispered in the dark that compel a young dancer to discover who haunts her studio—and why.


New to Chicago, 15-year-old Libby Nobleton stands outside the city's premier studio, L'Esprit. Having studied French in school, she fluently pronounces the word "le spree" and knows it means "the spirit." Instantly drawn to the century old landmark, Libby senses a kindred connection. A touch of the bronze plaque memorializing her ballet idol, Daniella Devereaux, sends shivers racing through her body. From the windows above, someone secretly watches. And in the studio's forbidden basement, pleading whispers grow stronger.


While innocently pursuing her passion, unearthly events torment Libby. Lights flicker, eerie shadows glide, and the open door of the abandoned elevator menacingly beckons. Libby struggles between her love for her new studio and the fear that someone—or something—might be out to get her. When a legendary statue resembling Daniella mysteriously reappears, it opens a portal exposing Libby to L'Esprit's timeless love story and turbulent past.


At last, relying on faith and courage, Libby witnesses the shocking yet inspirational truth about L'Esprit's most tragic night, but who will believe her . . .



Dancers at heart and writers in the wings, Doris Greenberg and Pandré Shandley are Wisconsinites. Their debut novel, The Legend of L'Esprit, reflects their passion for dance and the students they've trained during 40 years of combined classroom experience. They hope you'll enjoy their Dance Legacy Series. Please visit

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