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  • The Habits of Falling Leaves
SKU: 9781948365215

The Habits of Falling Leaves


The Habits of Falling Leaves

a novel by Benjamin R. Nysse



Young Adult Fiction

308 pages

ISBN: 9781948365215



“She was not the kind of girl you would whip your head around for on a path to class, but the more Craig gazed at her, the prettier she got.” How do you meet someone you don’t even know? How does a boy without a purpose fall in love with a girl who has her whole life planned?


Craig and Abby meet by chance but are soon confronted by the possibility that they are only in love with the idea of each other and not the reality. As they discover themselves, the sense of raw emotion, felt for the first time, fills them with excitement, confusion, and hope.



Benjamin R. Nysse is foremost a husband and father. When he is not teaching English and Creative Writing at Hamilton High School in Sussex, Wisconsin, he can be found on the sidelines of a track or cross country meet, at a football or soccer game, or sitting in the audience listening to his youngest daughter sing. This is his first novel.

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