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  • The Day is Awake!
SKU: 9781645385066

The Day is Awake!


The Day is Awake!

Lovingly written by Allison Boyd

Joyfully illustrated by Babs Rannenberg


Paperback: 9781645385066 | $10.99
Hardcover: 9781645385073 | $14.99


Love - Friendship - Nature 




Meet Alice. She is small but mighty! Alice is curious about the world around her and has a huge appreciation for nature. Each morning, she loves to greet the day with all of her forest friends, but today is different... Will Alice find them before the sun rises? 




Allison Boyd is a busy wife, mom, and teacher! She has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, along with ten years of experience teaching kindergarteners through second graders. Allison has a passion for children’s books and brings her dream to life with the launch of her first book, The Day is Awake! She and her husband live in Wisconsin, where she loves reading with her two children, eating tacos, and playing games.




Babs Rannenberg follows in the footsteps of her beloved mother, Alice Greenleaf Elliott Rannenberg, desiring only to be a good mother and grandmother, knowing that a curious heart always has room enough for more.

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