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  • The Binky Bandit
  • The Binky Bandit
SKU: 9781645385042

The Binky Bandit


The Binky Bandit

Written by Brent Suter

Illustrations by Jayden Ellsworth


Children's Book

Ages 0-8

Environmental - Love for Mother Earth - Dogs - Golden Doodles - New Parents Book

PB ISBN: 9781645385042

HC ISBN: 9781645385035




Wally the Doodle is a happy puppy in a growing home. Everything changes with the arrival of a baby, and with a baby comes binkies! Wally must balance the emotion of jealousy in sharing love and attention alongside the tantalizing temptations of dozens of delicious binkies. Join Wally in his journey of discovery—the fate of the world hangs in the balance!



Brent Suter is a pitcher for the Colorado Rockies and has previously played in MLB for the Milwaukee Brewers. Outside of baseball, Brent is a graduate of Harvard University, with a degree in Environmental Science and Public Policy, and is an outspoken advocate for conservation efforts with Players for the Planet, an organization of professional athletes who aim to make positive environmental change. He resides in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, with his wife Erin, their two sons, and of course, Wally, the inspiration for this book. The Binky Bandit is his first published book.

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