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  • The Beechers: A Milwaukee Family Story

The Beechers: A Milwaukee Family Story


The Beechers: A Milwaukee Family Story

a novel by Stephen Sierlecki



Historical - 20th Century United States - Biography

284 pages

ISBN: 9781645381495



Fifty years after his death, the improbable journey of a Milwaukee grandfather’s life is revealed for the very first time. He comes of age at the dawn of Prohibi- tion in Roaring Twenties Milwaukee, marries and starts a family, while keep- ing company with a dubious cast of characters. His street life transitions from rule breaker to lawman, but the past comes back to haunt him, propelling his family through tragic consequences for decades to come. The tale of The Beechers brings to light the underrecognized fortitude of seemingly ordinary women enduring extraordinary circumstances. Acknowledging their resilience forever redefines the true strength at the heart of one family’s lore.



Known for his flair as a multi-talented humorist and speaker, Stephen took on a daunting new challenge in his seventh decade: writing the astonishing story of his maternal family history. Stephen's gift for touching hearts with the spoken word shines through in written form in his first book, The Beechers: A Milwaukee Family Story. When not in his beloved home state of Wisconsin, you can find Steve in his winter haven of Southern California.

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