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  • Tea for Three
SKU: 9781645385530

Tea for Three


Tea for Three

Written by Greg Budzien

Illustrated by Brigid Malloy


Children’s Fiction – Community – Inclusivity – Acceptance

Paperback ISBN: 9781645385530

Hardcover ISBN: 9781645385523




When Miss Ruby and Miss Pearl discover a mouse living in the walls, a discussion of fairness and prejudice ensues, ending with a satisfying epiphany of self-awareness, friendship, and fellowship. Charming and clever verse, highlighted by appealing illustrations, makes this moral lesson an approachable story for any young reader or listener. Tea for Three is an entertaining, essential, and touching story that teaches lifelong lessons of tolerance and acceptance.





Gregory J. Budzien was born August 20, 1955, in Milwaukee. He grew up in nearby Wauwatosa, where he attended Christ King Grade School and Wauwatosa West High School (’74). Greg then graduated summa cum laude from St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota (’78), with a major in English. After a year volunteering on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation in New Mexico, Greg returned for a degree in English Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, eventually earning a Masters in Education [Professional Development] from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Greg taught AP English and other English classes for twenty-eight years at Arrowhead High School, where he also coached girls cross-country, freshman boys basketball, and girls and boys golf. Greg currently lives in easy, retired circumstances with his loving wife, Kathy, in wonderful Chenequa, Wisconsin.


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