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  • TBug Goes to Italy
  • TBug Goes to Italy
SKU: 9781645381976

TBug Goes to Italy


TBug Goes to Italy

by Katy Vetta


Travel Campanion 

For Ages 7-12

PB ISBN: 9781645381976

HC ISBN: 9781645381969



Join the Adventure!

Traveling can be a bit unnerving! New places. Strange surroundings. 
Meet Travel Bug! 
“T” is looking for a safe and familiar companion, and that person could be YOU. You will learn about T’s world, and T wants to learn about yours! Together, learn about Italy’s fascinating culture and country, and along the way, learn about insects like T and how important they are in EVERYONE’S world. “Buon viaggio!” Safe travels!



Katy Vetta has worn more hats than she can comfortably fit in her closet: former kindergarten and fifth grade schoolteacher, followed by educational toy saleswoman, volunteer at her children’s schools in a variety of capacities, large-group travel consultant, and then her favorite of all, grandmother of five grandchildren, with one more on the way. She is happiest when she’s playing with (and secretly teaching) aforementioned children or stocking up on Vitamin Sea at the beach near their home outside of Charleston, South Carolina.


Travel Bug, “T” for short, has been a dream becoming a reality. Fueled mostly by her husband’s nonstop passion for travel, Italy and all its ‘faces’ has been birthplace to several of their family’s fondest memories. Katy’s mission is to create more, see more, and share more of all the world has to offer. 


TBug Goes to Italy is a one-stop shopper’s guide to introducing your favorite children to this amazing country. Let the adventure begin!

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