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  • Stephanie's Big Zoo Adventure
  • Stephanie's Big Zoo Adventure

Stephanie's Big Zoo Adventure


Stephanie's Big Zoo Adventure


by Brandon Maly

Illustrated by Summer Morrison


ISBN PB: 9781645386995
ISBN HC: 9781645387459


Children's Picture Book

Educational - Species Conservation 





Are you up for an adventure?! Then get ready to join animal-loving second grader Stephanie and her family on their visit to the zoo! Stephanie is excited to learn about all the animals when she meets Dr. Eva, the head veterinarian at the zoo, who offers her a special tour and a day she won't forget. Follow along with Stephanie and Dr. Eva to learn interesting animal facts, but also to understand the threats to endangered animals and the important role zoos play in species conservation.




Brandon Maly was taught to love and appreciate all animals while growing up in Illinois and visiting the Brookfield and Lincoln Park zoos. This appreciation grew even greater when he met his wife and wildlife biologist Stephanie. He is a passionate advocate for AZA-affiliated zoos and aquariums and their dedication to research, conservation, education, and science. Zoos played a major part in shaping his life, and he wants to raise awareness of the value they bring to species conservation. Brandon currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife, their two cats Chaos and Junebug, and their Russian tortoise Olivia. In his free time, he enjoys running around the city, and, of course, visiting the Henry Vilas Zoo.


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