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SKU: 9781948365130




by Ann and Karl Kralapp

Illustrated by Karl Kralapp


Animals | Children's | Nature

PB ISBN: 9781948365130

HC ISBN: 9781948365369



About the Authors

Married for almost 30 years, Karl and Ann Kralapp have been collaborators in every facet of their lives. Everything they did was better because they did it together. As a team, they raised their son, planned family events, coordinated children's programs at their church, taught, made meals, told stories, and wrote or illustrated. The two worked as one. Both were teachers for over 30 years. Karl taught elementary art, and Ann taught kindergarten. They love to create and tell stories for others, which they perform as the characters or using puppets. Ann is the "just do it" organizer and coordinator in their relationship, Karl the "let's make a plan and think this through." He is the creative, artistic part of their duo. With a love of storytelling, they share what they know and what is yet to be created as they journey through their lives together. Both are lifelong residents of the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, where they currently reside.

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