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  • Secrets of Sunshine
SKU: 9781645381037

Secrets of Sunshine


Secrets of Sunshine

a novel by Benjamin R. Nysse



Young Adult Fiction

352 pages

ISBN: 9781645381037



The secrets of sunshine 

Are hidden from me.

Kept safe in the knowledge

That if he is with me,

I know all I need to know.


After making it through their first year of ups and downs at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Abby Whitworth and Craig McLean now have the privilege of spending their summer in an idealistic setting: Wood Lake Resort. But as the summer unfolds, Abby and Craig find themselves keeping secrets from each other while searching for answers from within. Mysteries confront even those who think they know all the answers.



Benjamin R. Nysse is foremost a husband and father. When he is not teaching English and Creative Writing at Hamilton High School in Sussex, Wisconsin, he can be found on the sidelines of a track or cross country meet, at a soccer game, or sitting in the audience at a concert or play. This is his second novel.

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