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  • Sammy and Goliath
SKU: 9781943331048

Sammy and Goliath


Sammy and Goliath

by Sandy Kegel

Illustrated by John Konecny


Children's | Kindness

ISBN 9781943331048


There were some things Sammy was good at, but other things he couldn't do well at all. One boy let him know it-everyday. Goliath picked on Sammy until he didn't show up at school anymore. This book reveals the critical problem of bullying in our schools today, complete with a discussion guide at the end. Whether you're a parent or a teacher, Sammy's story brings a real scenario to life as you work together with these kids to problem-solve the circumstances surrounding bullying to become a change agent. If students can be educated in the elementary grades on the topic of bullying, they will be much more equipped to handle the same pressures at a high school level and beyond.


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