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  • Sagittarius: Book Nine in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES
SKU: 9781645385400

Sagittarius: Book Nine in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES


Sagittarius: Book Nine in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES

Written by Oliver Bestul



Middle Grade Fiction – Adventure – Astrological Mythology

ISBN 9781645385400




There’s something... different about Terrance lately, and he can’t put a single one of his ten fingers on exactly what it is. In fact, he doesn’t seem to realize there even is a difference, preoccupied as he is with the many other differences around him.

For instance, didn’t Milwaukee used to have more, well, people in it? And why won’t the Sun move at all from its place in the center of the sky? And who are all these kids Terrance’s age who seem to think they know him, looking for something they call the Orb of the Zodiac? Even more important, how long has Terrance’s bedroom been the size of a cardboard box, and why is a giant, three-headed brofibechanic dragon flying around outside of it, and since when have the city’s ants been able to speak English?

As Terrance soon learns, the answers to all these odd questions and more can only be found within himself. In fact, he might be the very person responsible for this series of strange happenings! Prepare yourself for a trip down the rabbit hole of Terrance’s mind, and hope that you don’t join him at the bottom of it for all eternity!





Oliver Bestul lives in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has been writing there since he was in his teens.


With a picture book, a few plays, some poetry, and a feature-length film under his belt, he decided to try his hand at entertaining a new kind of audience: middle-schoolers! Inspired by the chapter books and comics of his youth, he sat down and started The Zodiac Dozen, a 12-book superhero series for kids!


In writing the series, he likes to say he gives his young readers a lot of credit, challenging them to explore new vocabulary, genres, and life outlooks. Like the twelve main characters of his books, he’s excited to grow from the adventure alongside his audience!


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